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We’re thrilled to have you embark on this exciting adventure with us. As a member, you’re now part of a vibrant community of childcare owners dedicated to providing exceptional care all over the United States. Get ready to unlock exclusive experiences, connect with fellow pioneers, and delve into the heart and soul of childcare in your community. Together, we’ll discover new horizons, create lasting memories, and forge lifelong friendships that will enrich both your business and your love for your community. So, grab your compass and join us on this extraordinary journey. Let the exploration of childcare excellence across the United States begin!

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Our vision is a future where every childcare business is led by a Pioneer Business Person. We aspire to be the driving force behind the evolution of childcare, setting new standards, advocating for children's well-being, and creating a network of influential leaders who champion innovation, inclusivity, and excellence in the industry. Together, we will build a brighter, more nurturing world for the next generation.

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Member Sessions

The 1st week of every month. You can choose from Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. You can only choose 1 day a month.

A monthly 1-hour virtual session creating lesson plans while learning how to effectively present your lesson plans and a Q & A held at the end to answer staff questions. Everyone is educated, motivated, and inspired to effectively teach  their students engaging lessons.

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 1pm -2pm central standard time. It will last one hour.

Enrollment, State licensing, leadership, management, organizational systems, hiring, building your center’s culture, staff scheduling, conducting staff meetings, parent engagement, marketing, events, and fundraising

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 1pm-2pm central standard time CEO Sessions are for owners only!

Owner’s Retreat

A weekend away with Coach Tameka and other owners for planning the upcoming 

year! We cover the below topics update/create business plans, Create budget/forecast, 

establishing business credit, Get CEO training to move your business to the next level for experts, Discovering grants Implementation of topics covered (working for 8 hours each day Conducting CEO staff meetings. Marketing/branding, Discovering your Why Create/Update Mission & vision, Creating multiple streams of  income in your childcare, Learning to read your

monthly P&L, Updating Employee handbook, Parent handbook and operational policies, Discovering what’s your next We will rise and shine early and create plans specifically designed for your business!

1, A second owner may attend for an additional $1500.00

Yes, you are responsible for your travel and accommodations. If you are an all-inclusive member, you may stay at the ‘house’ with Coach Tameka but you must still pay for your airfare. You must also cover your transportation to and from the airport.

All meals are provided, and All trainings will be held at the house for those 2 days.

 A monthly supplies box – the box will be shipped to your center on the 25th of each month and will include monthly focus posters, 4 books, community helper and supplies that we discuss during LPME trainings. The first box will be shipped on 11/25.

VIP Summit

You may purchase additional tickets at a member discount rate (2-day pass—$299.99 per person)

 Saturday October 12, 2024

Everyone is responsible for their own travel and accommodations.

Membership and Payment

You may cancel at any time but you must send a 30 day cancellation notice. There are no refunds on previous months.Total Cost$7999.99

1st payment Option:

 Pay in full $7000 and save $999.99

2nd payment option:

 Down pmt.=$1225

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